Written as Kathleen Glassburn:

“Lost and Found”The Opiate Magazine, June 2022
“Dimples and Eyebrows”Atherton Review, Spring 2021
“Rituals”The Virginia Normal, Spring 2021
“Helper”New English Review, December 2020
“Evocations”Academy of the Heart and Mind, 2020
“Hibachi Delight”October Hill Magazine, Spring 2020
“Russell’s Rooms”Evening Street Review, 2019
“Windows”Voices de la Luna, 2019
“Trapped In Time”Belle Ombre, 2019
“Hummingbirds”Poydras Review, 2019
“Clover’s Latest Caper”The Broad River Review, 2018
“Assurances”Oracle Fine Arts Review, 2018
“Carnival of Colors”STORGY Magazine, February 2018
“Denial”Adelaide Magazine, 2017
“Belonging”Goldman Review, November 2016
“Keeping Quiet”Limestone, December 2015
“Scraggly Nails”Cactus Heart, Spring 2014
“Job Search”Rio Grande Review, Spring 2014
“Second Thoughts”Imitation Fruit, September 2014
“The Oldest Resort”Blue Lake Review, July 2014
“Roman-Irish Baths”Amarillo Bay, February 2014
“Skulls”Wild Violet, October 2012
“Two Against One”Epiphany, June 2012
“Turnaround”Writer’s Workshop Review, March 2012
“Duplicate”Marco Polo, September 2011
“Souvenirs”TalonMag, August 2010
“The Radio”Lullwater Review, April 2010
“Kauai”Cadillac Cicatrix, Spring 2009

Written as Kay Harris:

“Whys”RiverSedge, Fall 2011
“Testament”Cairn, 2007
“Biding Time”SLAB, 2007
“Driving The Loop”Crucible, Fall 2006
“Medio Street”Storyglossia, June 2003
“Sticking Together”Storyglossia, March 2003


Making It Work (Published 2017):
The pink stucco building, circa WW II, had a couple of straggly palm trees in front, symmetrically planted on either side of an archway that led to a raggedy-lawned patio. A white board with sloppy, black handwriting advertised that the Van Dorn Apartments had a furnished efficiency for rent. It looked like this might be something Jim and Sheila Gallagher could afford… [Read More]

© Kathleen Glassburn