Kathleen Glassburn is Managing Editor of The Writer’s Workshop Review.

Issue 15 includes an interview with Lawrence Wright about his take on the Coronavirus, as well as an interview with Barry Lopez who died in 2020. In a lighter vein there are two stories set in Hawaii.

Issue 14 contains several fine stories. The one that really touches me is “The Hawks are In Love.”

Issue 13 has three women’s nonfiction stories: one about a competitive tennis player, another about a woman who conquers her fear of river rafting, and another about a bicycle accident that leaves a young widow.

Issue 12 highlights an essay on Richard Hugo who brought the Northwest region to life in his poetry and prose. Other stories are equally satisfying.

Issue 11 has an excerpt from The Way of the Writer by Charles Johnson, as well as an interview and several other vivid stories.

Issue 10 is our tenth anniversary issue. It includes an excerpt from Tom Robbins’ new memoir, Tibetan Peach Pie, as well as an interview of this fine author. Each issue has been fun, interesting and educational to put together. They offer many examples of fine writing.

Issue 9 has an excerpt from Garth Stein’s new novel, From A Sudden Light. It also has an interview of Stein discussing the publishing industry. As always, there are several other great pieces.

Issue 8 includes the introduction to Jonathan Waterman’s new nonfiction collection, which chronicles his remarkable career as a writer, photographer, and adventurer, as well as many other interesting, touching, humorous pieces.

Issue 7 contains an excerpt from publisher Nick O’Connell’s novel, The Storms of Denali, as well as an interview of the author and several excellent nonfiction pieces.

Issue 6 contains my story, “Turnaround,” inspired by a visit to Ireland. As always, there are many more wonderful selections.

Issue 5 has an intriguing story, “True Power,” about prisoner rehabilitation through the Great Books and exotic dancing, as well as several other entertaining and informative stories. Also included in this issue is an excerpt from Annie Proulx’s new novel, Bird Cloud.

Issue 4 has a conversation with Ivan Doig, as well as an excerpt from his novel, Work Song. The photo of a dramatic Montana sunset highlights his settings. Each story in this issue, as well as all issues, has been carefully selected to reflect our objective of providing entertaining, readable, well-written pieces.

Issue 3 has a well-detailed account, on the twentieth anniversary of the Romanian Revolution, of how the author remembers the riots, the violence, the street demonstrations, and the simple act of making sausage with her mother. Among several other stories, this issue contains an excerpt from The Big Burn by Timothy Egan.

Issue 2 has a wonderful interview with the beloved author Norman Maclean, as well as a previously unpublished story, “The Incident,” which contains a key passage from the classic novella A River Runs Through It. Among other inclusions in this issue is the short story “Walking on Whales’ Backs” by Irene Wanner, set in Scotland.

Issue 1 has an interview of David Guterson, as well as an excerpt from his novel, The Other. In addition, this issue has an informative article by Nick O’Connell, our publisher, about “A Return To Storytelling.” This article sets forth the philosophy of The Writer’s Workshop Review which will help authors who would like to submit work to our online journal.

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