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About Kathleen Glassburn


My mother had two four-tier shelves filled with her hard-covered books. Above these bookshelves hung the photo of Mount Rainier that appears on my home page. I grew up in Minneapolis and never saw mountains, but I associated them with reading. A dreamy kid, it was my childhood goal to read every book in Mother’s collection. There was Jane Eyre and Rebecca and Of Human Bondage and Wuthering Heights and Les Misérables and Gone With The Wind and Forever Amber and even…Peyton Place. She never censored what I chose to read.

She had lived in Tacoma, Washington, during WW2 when my father was in the Coast Guard, and loved to see Mount Rainier every day, waiting for her bus to go to and from her office job. When she left on the train, her friend came running along next to it and passed this photo up to her. It was taken sometime before 1940, and I love its antique feel as well as Mother’s memory and the image of me planning for all I would read.

Early on, I wanted to write as well as read; thus began my first efforts, which ended up in mimeographed school publications. When I was twenty-four I moved to Seattle, my perfect place to live. And here, occasionally, I get to see Mount Rainier—when “it’s out.” I worked in the financial community. As a nontraditional student, I received my BA in English from the University of Washington, followed by an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles.

Now, with quite a few published stories, consistent re-writing of two novels, and my work as managing editor of The Writer’s Workshop Review, the next step is this website. In addition to the writing and reading that I do every day, for fun I play the piano, horseback ride, take long walks with my dogs, and travel. I hope you enjoy getting to know my stories and receiving glimpses into my thoughts.

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