The Santa Fe Trilogy

A New Plateau

red dashboardJanice McKenna’s seemingly perfect life in Seattle was shattered with the untimely death of her husband. After a less-than-welcome trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a terrifying trail-ride accident set her off in a new, unexpected direction.

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Ridin’ High

This is the second installment of Glassburn’s Santa Fe Trilogy, A New Plateau was the first… When Janice McKenna found a new home and purpose in Santa Fe, she hoped to awaken each morning with a smile on her face—The winter discomforts of living in a bunkhouse stole that smile away.

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Going Back Home

This is the 3rd edition of The Santa Fe Trilogy from Kathleen Glassburn via Red Dashboard LLC Publications — On a Holiday trip to Seattle, Janice McKenna is tempted to move back permanently. A major problem at the ranch in Santa Fe disrupts these thoughts and clarifies where she wants to be.

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